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by: Amiyah W.
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Dragon of the Lost Sea by: Laurence Yep. I liked the book because it has a mystery and Shimmer was trying to find the magic pebble containing something that  Rating: 3,9 - ‎1, votes. Feb 13, - Dragon of the Lost Sea by Laurence Yep; 3 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Fantasy, Princess Shimmer (Fictitious character), Fiction. Yep's sweeping fantasy tells of Shimmer, an exiled dragon princess, who must team up with a boy to try to restore her dragon clan's lost home. Ages

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It was first published in It starts off with Shimmer, the exiled dragon princess roaming ancient China in the form of an old human woman. She meet the kindhearted kitchen boy, Thorn, who is mistreated by his caretaker.

The two form an unlikely friendship, and after saving his life from an enchanted paper servant, Shimmer decides to take him under her wing. It turns out that Shimmer has been wandering for years in search of the witch Civet. Over a hundred years ago, Civet had used her powers to drain the Inland Sea, Shimmer's former home, of all its water, leaving nothing behind but a desert wasteland of salt flats. Together, Shimmer and Thorn travel towards where they believe Civet might be headed, meeting up with the mischievous Monkey , who both hinders and aids them on their quest.

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The Sea Dragon Leviathan is a colossal leviathan class fauna species. It is the largest aggressive creature of Subnautica. The Sea Dragon Leviathan's body mostly resembles the Sea Emperor Leviathan , albeit much smaller and slimmer in design. The body is mostly dark green in color, along with purple accents on its webbed limbs and head.

It has protective plates on the underside of its body that start at the neck and run down to where the tentacles begin. Many of its body parts are adorned or spotted with orange bioluminescent glows, and many small spines line its lower jaw and arms. The head of the Sea Dragon is stout and reptilian, possessing two pairs of glowing orange eyes with white pupils, a crack-like pattern spreads from the pupils to the rest of the eye. The mouth contains a pink tongue and thirty-two large teeth, visible even when the mouth is closed.

The tip of the snout features two short, green protrusions with orange glowing tips. It also has a second set of larger fin-like protrusions beneath its lower jaw. Along the side of its body runs two long trails of small hollows that emit orange bioluminescent glows. It has two long forearms ending with webbed, four digited hands; each digit ends with a claw that is approximately equal in size to the player's entire body.

A large sail sits on the creature's back, just below the shoulders. Its rear-side consists of seven tentacles, also lined with orange spots and ending with small tentacular clubs, the largest tentacle being surrounded by the six smaller ones. Just being in close proximity to the Sea Dragon Leviathan will cause the player or Prawn Suit to be jostled due to the water it displaces. It will attack the player with its arms if they are on either side of its front body by swatting them away and dealing 40 damage to the player.

If the Sea Dragon Leviathan attacks the player with its mouth, it will swallow the player, killing them instantly. Occasionally, the Sea Dragon Leviathan will open its mouth wide and fire a molten rock at its target as a projectile attack.

The Sea Dragon Leviathan will attack the Cyclops by slamming it with its arms with considerable force, often leaving the Cyclops upside down or on its side. When the Sea Dragon Leviathan is exposed to damage, it will flinch and commonly, if the Player is close, it will swat them away dealing large amounts of damage to the Player if they aren't in any Vehicles.

Spoiler alert: The following section contains story related material. A colossal leviathan with reptilian features, seen stalking the very heart of the volcanic crater which underpins life in this area. The scanned specimen measured m in length. Consumption and retention of mineral substances may explain the lifeform's ability to withstand extremes of temperature.

It even appears to be able to consume molten materials and expel them at its adversaries. Forearms: Evolutionarily distinct forearms are used for both propulsion and offensive purposes.

Finding suggests evolutionary divergence from other species on the planet tens of millions of years ago. The sea dragon is likely one of the oldest species on the planet. Behavior: As the largest carnivorous species encountered on B, almost everything is potential prey.

With few substantial targets in the volcanic cave systems the sea dragon likely ventures out into cooler waters to hunt other, smaller leviathans, cornering them and forcing them deeper, where they are ultimately boiled alive. The sea dragons' size and the restrictions of the cave systems they inhabit suggest their population numbers are extremely low, perhaps in the single digits.

While it is not unusual for larger predators to sustain lower populations, it is possible the sea dragon's food sources have diminished over time. This species may be nearing extinction. Sea dragon combo 01 Various animations without texture. Sea dragon combo 02 Various animations with texture. Sea Dragon breath attack 01 Animations for breathing fire. SN SeaDragon Completed in-game effects for breathing fire and meteor attack.

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The glowing protrusions atop of the creature's snout. Close up shot of the 'Sea Dragon Leviathan's dorsal fin.

Size comparison with the player player in front of mouth. Effects for breathing fire and the vortex attack. Completed in-game effects for breathing fire and meteor attack. Sea Dragon Leviathan Concept art. Model from Sketchfab. Skull model from Sketchfab.

Skeleton model from Sketchfab. Shoal of Fish. Categories :. Assessment: Extreme threat - Avoid in all circumstances.

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Jun 30,  · Laurence Yep is the acclaimed author of more than sixty books for young people and a winner of the Laura Ingalls Wilder Award. His illustrious list of novels includes the Newbery Honor Books Dragonwings and Dragon's Gate; The Earth Dragon Awakes: The San Francisco Earthquake of , a Texas Bluebonnet Award nominee; and The Dragon's Child: A Story of Angel Island, which he Brand: HarperCollins Publishers. Jun 11,  · The Post withheld some key information about Sea Dragon at the request of the Navy, but did state that the weapon is a supersonic anti-ship missile for . Jun 30,  · The outlawed princess of the Dragon Clan and her young human companion undergo fearsome trials in their quest for an evil enchantress. ‘Dramatic tension stays high. Weaves Chinese legend into an exciting tapestry of myth and folklore.’ —BL.