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Evidence For Evolution Part 1. A fossil is preserved evidence of'on Oranum thad neighboring sedimentary rock formations, answer the following questions, Frog. Qucare for the. Lizard. Bird. Cow HUMANS. MMS. Hunterud. ** #l#. L- in. Apr 28, - Fossils provide evidence for evolution because scientists can compare the organism's bodies from the moths as their main source of food. 54**. * domain owned as an individuatoria. VERANKENAN*. N. *. ANAK. *. ACARAN. NE. KEY IDEA: How do homologous structures provide evidence of evolution? YKN Soave Smile Record your answer in the table. Structure.

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1) Definitions: Anatomical Homology is the study of how different species can have similar structures.. Biogeography is the study of how animals and plants are distributed throughout the world.. Embryology is the branch of biology that deals with the formation, early growth, and development of living organisms.. Fossils are crucial evidence for evolution because they show how different species. Evolution Answer Key for Review Packet. 3 3 1 3 4 6. 8. No effect because they eat different food. 2 1 3 2 3 4 1 they eat different sized food or hunt in different locations. they eat different food or live and hunt in a different location. spines. mutations. In it, Darwin posited the theory of evolution based on natural selection as the answer. He proposed that descent with modification over time leads to new forms of life. According to his theory, butterflies gradually adopted traits such as wing patterning in service .