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Oct 28, - I also believe there are some things that need to be corrected in our codex i.e. Grey knight's inability to field expendable units (unless of course you want to  Are Grey Knights actually bad or is everyone just delusional. May 31, - Grey Knights – 8th edition Leaks term, it dates back to at least Second Edition, where it was the rank of a Codex Chapter's standard bearer. May 23, - Grey Knights are sadly the worst Codex in the game right now. 8th Edition is a deadly edition, and Grey Knights pay top dollar to be an elite.

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Their all-consuming mission is to confront the Daemons of the Warp wheresoever they might manifest. When the Chapter fights as one there are few who can oppose them. Yet, as the Imperium approaches its twilight, the daemonic threat grows ever greater and the Grey Knights ever more beset. Though the Grey Knights wield the finest armaments that the armouries of the Imperium can provide, their chief weapon comes from within: a psychic might that can cleave through armour, summon sanctifying flame or return life to the dead.

Terminator Squads, the elite of other Space Marine armies, are the mainstay of your force. Purgation Squads lay down a storm of heavy weapons fire, Purifiers immolate the foe with azure flame. Strike Squads attack wherever the enemy is most vulnerable, and towering Nemesis Dreadknights stride imperiously across the battlefield, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

So instead of getting doctrines, these tides are strictly only available to a full Grey Knights army. They can be changed by the new psychic power, Warp Shaping.

These powers truly change the way Grey Knights operate. Essentially, you can easily increase your melee output Fury , dakka output Convergence , durability Shadows , and smite output Escalation AND you can change this mid-game without using a command point.

These Tides give the Knights incredible flexibility, but overall, they work to heavily bolster your short- to mid-range shooting game. Per FAQ no longer affects units without "psyker" keyword. Well we get these now. A Grey Knights Chaplain knows litany of hate and two litanies of purity in addition to a psychic power. Gone are the days of 7th Edition's psychic cluster-fuck, now armies get their own specific psychic powers again. Say hello to an old friend, the Sanctic and Dominus discipline!

And no more 3 librarians with banishment and other useless powers, now you get to pick the powers your psyker knows. Your odds of casting Smite are the standard In short: what should be the discipline of the best psyker army of the Imperium ends up being just mediocre. Of your six powers, two will practically always be used by the same unit Sanctuary for Grandmaster Dreadknights, Astral Aim for Purgation squads or Venerable Dreadnoughts , one is too unreliable Purge Soul and one too situational Vortex of Doom.

The only two that you'll ever need to consider using tactically are Gate of Infinity and Hammerhand. Just more salt in the wound. Vortex of Doom is situational yes, but the beautiful thing is if the situation EVER comes up anywhere on the board, you're playing an entire army of deep-striking, re-deploying psykers.

This can lead to a situation where he ignores your teleporters blowing up vulnerable spots until he sends armour away from better objectives to hunt them down, at which point they can simply teleport away again. If he accounts for this and deep strike by clustering his units, it's Vortex time.

Even if you take Vortex and your opponents spreads all of his things awkwardly to disrupt his army placement, to never give you a context to use it, that's good in my books, go back to harassing spread out heavy weapon infantry stragglers. If you find purge and vortex are underpowered, just throw them on the spell hungry Voldus, letting the rest of your army use the bread and butter spells. And when the dice gods DO smile upon you, you shall be most pleased when Voldus mangles an entire elite squad, or two, locking a third thing melee if not also crushing it.

I have had Voldus pull this off with these lamer spells a few times, and it is glorious if he doesn't just teleport away after deep striking in. The cheese you can blast when you are the only man in the Imperium who isn't a vegetable who can cast three spells at once. You must choose from the Dominus Discipline or Sanctic Discipline , you can not manifest powers from both disciplines.

Values in parentheses are odds of success base, then with Brotherhood of Psykers up. Grey Knights get a couple of really cool stratagems which can be really useful, like Heed the Prognosticars and Psybolt Ammunition. Pity that Grey Knights armies seldom have enough CP to do anything useful with them. If you really want to - you can always grab a small Guard detachment to grab some CP, but you'll only have to kill them later to prevent them spreading chaos taint Your main armament for Knights is a force power weapons that deal D3d damage each cost 1 point with the exception of two Falchions or the Daemonhammer.

Codices are adding back relics to armies. The way relics now work is that they replace an equivalent item, functionally free though that still means you have to pay for the item it replaces, and the model needs to be able to use the equivalent in the first place.

The only two worthy of serious consideration is the Banner and the Cuirass; the first multiply your expected damage from Smite by more than 3. None buff your entire army, unlike the best choices from the Space Marines list, but both of those help your Smite output improve; a Brother-Captain in the Cuirass paired with a Paladin Ancient with the Banner will provide very pleasingly consistent Smite output the entire game.

Alright lets be real. The only time numbers will be on your side is if you're facing knights or Custodes. Your selection of relics is possibly the worst in the whole game right now. You only get a strong game against Daemons Well, not so much anymore now that they got their codex.

However given the GK capacity for an Alpha Strike adding a Callidus will help hugely because it might at least discourage your opponent from using it at the start and if you take out the bigger units first they can't then bring them back later. Just a thought. You will never fill a brigade. In normal games well, that not true, you can take bare bone strike squads, purgators and inceptors and still have a little wiggle room for your elites.

And with smite spam getting a buff, it's all in all not a bad idea you will probably stick with a vanguard detachment Not anymore. First, units cost have been significantly reduced. Secondly, new rules, strategems, powers and litanies offer us both tactical flexibility and increased pure power.

Relax now thy purest of brothers, taking two battalions in a battle forged army will yield 13 command points. That's less than others but enough for multiple rounds of Psybolt Ammo and some pocket teleportarium squads along with your usually rerolls. Take 6 strike squads each with falchions and a psilencer for 90 points apiece, then 2 DK grandmasters will teleporters, sword and heavy incinerator along with Drago and Voldus.

Grey Knights are an elite melee army in an edition that still tends to favor shooting and hordes. Give purifiers razorbacks. Dreadknights and GM Dreadknights pack quite the punch. Venerable and regular dreads can comfortably handle your long range anti armor duties. Use all of your psychic powers every turn for maximum advantage in all situations astral aim, gate of infinity, sanctuary and unleash your offensive powers in conjunction with timely attacks vortex of doom, purge soul, hammerhand.

Often times, its best to hang back and wait You will quickly find that your units are not bad, oh no, quite the opposite. The issue is that your army requires a well formulated plan, and can not afford even the slightest failure in offensive output, much like the Deathwatch.

In 40k where the dice gods rule all and the crushing weight of superiority through overwhelming numbers , well formulated plans can quickly fall apart. Fuck you Tzeentch. Examples include Dreadnoughts and Purgation squads, which desperately need either Gate of Infinity, Astral Aim, or Psybolts to get anything done. Taking IG as an ally is a very efficient way to make good use of extra command points.

Unless you're using GK as an ally to another force, these are your most efficient units; spam them to kingdom come. Be sure to make your warlord a non-unique character so you can take First to the Fray as your warlord trait. In addition, don't fall for the trap of running too many Dreadknights. While it looks tempting, understand that you can only consistently protect ,as Heed and Sanctuary can't be used more that once a turn.

With the new rule released in ritual of the damned and the point drop from CA there are some slight tweaks to list building to consider. Second, spam your strike squads. After their point drop they are now just 5 points over a regular space marine you and you get a storm bolter, a forces weapon, you can deep strike and you get a smite?!?!

They have a fuck ton of value, the only issue is they are not very efficient, all that value you get from having force weapons is wasted if the never get into CC. So spam them, but be careful with regular marines you don't lose out on much using scouts to cap an objective, you do the same with GK, you get the same result, for twice the points.

At they very least make sure they can get the sweet sweet 2 damage smite off at every opportunity. Third don't be afraid of putting all your eggs in 1 or 2 baskets,GK just got a lot of tools to protect high value units with armored resilience, the tide of shadows, and various stratagems not to mention you still have sanctuary and all your old strats as well.

Things like landraiders and 10 man blobs of terminators are no longer as stupid as the might seem for other factions. The best thing about grey knights, all your units have a lot or value, so even if you bet it all on a 10 man paladin squad, and they failed, your strike squads can still put in work.

Hell, even your apothecary has the stat line a low end smash captain. And if your opponent spends all their time trying to kill your paladins, they probably won't have much left for the rest of your army. They have access to a unique psyker discipline , that includes Terrify , which turns off overwatch.

They're kinda squishy to be used as a warlord, especially when stuck in with a front-line melee unit, however, they have a nifty 1CP! The Blackshroud might be a good choice, as its -1 to wound makes this character pretty much immune to sniper mortal wounds. Unfortunately, there are only two deepstrike options: Hector Rex and the expensive Ordo Malleus terminator. As of CA, strike squads are pretty cheap.

You can now fit 17! With the upcoming Tide of Escalation , each squad is throwing out 2 mortal wounds for a total of potentially 46 MW per turn! There's also the potential for this list to pump out bolter shots per turn. With the help they get from PA and CA, their dakka is a force to be rekkon with. But the fun aint stop here, Bring down the Beast give you reroll wound against a target that is vehicle Knights, Tanks etc or Monster surprisingly include Riptide given their look, Primarch s , etc after you shoot at it with one of your unit.

Suddenly people get a reminder why ability to reroll all wound rolls is a bad idea. Well, you slam the Chaplain Intonement on them, which allow them to ignore all BS and hit roll modifier, and show the chump who is his or her daddy. But those arti hidden in ruins?

Thank goodness Astral Aim allow you to do the same thing they do. Ignore Line of Sight as well as cover and blast the enemy into smithereen with your buffed up ammunition. And as if you are not annoying enough, Edict Imperator let you cosplay as those pointy ear with the shoot then move thing.

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Chanting rites of banishment, the elite brotherhoods of the Grey Knights stride fearlessly into battle against the worst horrors of the galaxy. They wear blessed silver battle-plate and wield potent weapons of purgation, each a master-wrought relic whose worth can be measured in worlds. Every battle-brother of this Chapter is a powerful psyker, his will an adamant fortress and his mental powers a honed blade. As the galaxy becomes ever darker, the selflessly heroic Grey Knights fight unbowed.

Codex: Grey Knights contains a wealth of background and rules — the definitive book for Grey Knights collectors. Category: Books and Cards , Starter.

The Space Marines are numbered amongst the most elite warriors in the Imperium. Created by the Emperor himself from the genetic material of the demigod Primarchs, they are the ultimate soldiers for a cruel and terrible age. Inside this page hardback codex, you'll find everything you need to unleash the Space Marines in battle, plus thrilling lore and art to inspire your own collection.

Inside this book, you'll find: - The history of the Space Marines, with a look at how these genetically engineered warriors annihilate the enemies of the Emperor with terrible force - A Space Marines bestiary with background details for every unit and Character featured - A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel miniatures - Rules for Space Marines units that are available to every Chapter - Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Litanies of Battle, Psychic Disciplines and Chapter Relics that define the ways that the Space Marines wage war - And more!

You will need a copy of the Warhammer 40, rulebook to use the rules included in this codex. Unleash the fury of the Space Marines with these handy reference cards! This pack contains: - 36 Tactical Objectives including 6 specific to Space Marines - 38 Stratagems - 13 psychic powers includes Smite and 6 powers each from the Librarius and Obscuration disciplines - 7 Litanies of Battle for use by Chaplains - 3 Combat Doctrines Devastator, Tactical, Assault You will need a copy of Codex: Space Marines and the Warhammer 40, rulebook to make full use of these cards.

This campaign book features a host of new rules for both the Adeptus Astartes and Heretic Astartes alike — as well as codex expansion's worth of rules for the mighty Black Templars Chapter! The campaign book also tells a sweeping narrative recounting the tapestry of heroism and villainy woven around the world of the Talledus System. Inside this page book, you'll find: - Exciting background that describes how the time of the Great Rift found the Imperium reeling, assailed on a million fronts by the surging forces of Chaos.

The Indomitus Crusade ventured deeper into occupied territory only to discover that the predations of the Great Enemy had intensified. The story then focuses on Talledus sub-sector — how the taint of Chaos had begun to take root there, lurking unnoticed for many years before the Great Rift enabled the Word Bearer fleets to make warp transit to the heart of the sub-sector. War continues to ravage the sentinel world of Vigilus, yet the fighting is about to escalate to a whole new level.

The dreaded Warmaster himself, Abaddon the Despoiler, has arrived at the head of a vast Chaos fleet. Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Ablaze is packed with exciting background and new rules that enable you to refight the exciting events described in the book.

War ravages the sentinel world of Vigilus. Though beset by an Ork Speedwaagh! Imperium Nihilus: Vigilus Defiant is packed with exciting background and new rules that enable you to refight the exciting events described in the book. Chapter Approved is the essential gaming toolbox for all Warhammer 40, fans. Whether you're looking to compile all of the rules that have featured in White Dwarf magazine throughout the year, or are looking for something new to expand your gaming experience, this is the perfect gaming supplement for you!

Inside this page softback book, you'll find: - Rules for Spearhead — an expansion centred around tanks and vehicular combat - Guidelines for linking your games of Warhammer 40, Kill Team, Warhammer 40, and Warhammer Apocalypse - Loads of new Missions as well as updates to terrain rules and datasheets for certain Chaos Daemons units - And much, much more… In addition, you'll also find a separate page book containing all the latest matched play points updates, painstakingly balanced and tuned in conjunction with major tournament organisers and our playtesters.

Whether you like to experiment with new rules, missions and expansions, or combine your campaigns like never before — however you play, Chapter Approved has something for you and is a fitting guide to another incredible year of Warhammer 40, We run on a secure payment gateway.

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Background and details on each character and unit available to a Grey Knights army; A showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures, depicting the colour schemes of the Grey Knights expertly painted by the ‘Eavy Metal team. 32 datasheets containing rules for every Grey Knights unit; Army abilities reflecting the Grey Knights’ methods. WARHAMMER 40, CODEX: GREY KNIGHTS Official Update for 7th Edition, Version Created Date: Z. Download Codex Grey Knights. Save Codex Grey Knights For Later. Codex: Sentinels. Uploaded by. LordRadical. Save All 6th Edition Codex FAQs For Later. Warhammer Grey Knights En. Uploaded by. Save 40K 8th Ed Update Grey Knights Ver For Later. ma Grey Knights .