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Personal Nutrition 9th Edition Boyle Test Bank, test banks, solutions manual, textbooks, nursing, sample free download, pdf download, answers. May 25, - This is short review of the book Personal Nutrition 9th edition pdf. Personal Nutrition efficiently covers all major nutrition topics. Download free in. - Ninth edition / Marie Boyle, College of Saint Elizabeth. Boston, MA, USA: Cengage Learning,, , English, Book; Illustrated, 2 & Online (access conditions).

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Dry beans are fattening and should only be eaten occasionally. True b. The Mediterranean Diet recommends eating meat a few times a week. The only vitamins that must appear on a food label are vitamins C and A. Chinese food served in American Chinese restaurants usually is very similar to food eaten by rural Chinese people in China. Chapter 02 - The Pursuit of a Healthy Diet 5. The EAR for nutrients is set at a point high enough to cover most healthy people. According to MyPlate, one egg is equivalent to 1 ounce of cooked lean meat.

The ingredients on a food label are listed in alphabetical order. The need for setting Tolerable Upper Intake Levels UL for nutrients is the result of more people using large doses of supplements and fortified foods.

Phytochemicals provide energy or building materials for cell repair. A healthy diet should consist of three meals a day without any snacking. The DRI requirement of a nutrient is the minimum amount of a nutrient that will prevent the development of deficiency symptoms. Orange juice with added calcium is an example of exceeding the UL of a nutrient. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans incorporate two general themes: maintaining calorie balance over time to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and consuming more nutrient-dense foods and beverages.

As part of the MyPlate activity recommendations, examples of moderate physical activity are jogging, swimming continuous laps, and bicycling uphill.

A product that meets the criteria as sodium-free or salt-free has less than 5 mg of sodium per serving. Antioxidant nutrients are vitamins and minerals that react with oxygen, thereby protecting other compounds from damaging reactions involving oxygen. In determining portion, one hand, cupped, is a good approximation of eight fluid ounces. Multiple Choice What are the six diet-planning principles for developing a healthy eating pattern? Foods with a high nutrient density are best characterized as.

Chapter 02 - The Pursuit of a Healthy Diet a. The concept of nutrient density is most helpful in achieving which principle of diet planning? Valerie is eating lunch at the college cafeteria and is determined not to gain weight during her freshman year at college. She realizes that controlling portion sizes is the key. Which visual reference could she apply to estimate one cup of pasta?

A diet that does not overemphasize any food type or nutrient at the expense of another is following which characteristic of a healthy diet? Mark is a five-year-old boy who loves milk. He drinks skim milk all day long. He also loves yogurt and cheese while excluding meat, fish, poultry, and legumes. For which type of deficiency is Mark at risk? Peaches are a food source of vitamins A and C. Why would a raw peach be considered a more nutrient-dense snack than a serving of peaches canned in light syrup?

The canned peaches are more processed than the raw peach. The raw peach is brighter in color than the canned peaches. The raw peach contains more vitamins per calorie than the canned peaches. The canned peaches contain more vitamins per calorie than the raw peach. The raw peach contains more natural sugar per serving than the canned peaches.

Steven is nine years old and loves to drink orange juice whenever he can. He often drinks orange juice instead of eating food. This habit interferes most with what eating principle? What portion of the current U. Which snack is the most nutritious choice to take to the library if you know you will be studying for several hours?

The amount of a nutrient that is estimated to meet the requirement for the nutrient in half of the people of a specific age and gender is known as the. Adequate Intake AI e. Chapter 02 - The Pursuit of a Healthy Diet b. What is his DV for protein? Which suggestion would be excluded in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans? Eat a variety of vegetables, especially dark-green and red and orange vegetables.

Use oils to replace solid fats where possible. Consume at least half of all grains as whole grains. Choose diets that emphasize refined and enriched grain products. Increase intake of fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products. Louise would like to lose some weight. How might the exchange lists be helpful to her?

Louise can easily compare several brands of a particular food to find the most nutrient-dense version. Louise can identify low-calorie foods rich in each of the essential vitamins and minerals.

Louise can mix and match the portion sizes for different foods that provide the same number of calories to plan calorie-controlled meals. Louise can determine which foods will prevent her from developing diabetes if she consumes them on a regular basis as she loses weight. Louise can compare the best food choices on the exchange lists for a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet.

A statement linking the nutritional profile of a food to a reduced risk of a particular disease is known as a. For packages with surface area larger than 40 square inches, which piece of information is required on the Nutrition Facts panel?

The tolerable upper limit UL is most closely described as. Chapter 02 - The Pursuit of a Healthy Diet e. How much moderate aerobic physical activity is recommended by the MyPlate website to reduce the risk of chronic disease, help prevent weight gain, and help sustain weight loss? Which major goal is part of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans?

Joe engages in moderately intense physical activity for 30 to 60 minutes a day in addition to other daily activities. What is his activity level? According to MyPlate guidelines, which food portion is equivalent to one ounce of grains? Copyright Cengage Learning. Powered by Cognero. According to MyPlate guidelines, which food portion exceeds the equivalent of one ounce from the protein foods group? In addition to the five food groups, we need to include a small amount of oil in the diet for the and that oils provide.

Which nutritional value provides the average daily amount of a nutrient that appears to be adequate for individuals when there is not sufficient scientific research to calculate an RDA? DRI b. If you consistently build your diet by choosing mostly nutrient-dense foods, you may be able to meet your nutrient needs without using your full calorie allowance.

In this case, the balance of calories is called your. What food item lacks phytochemicals? According to the Dietary Reference Intakes DRI , what percentage of the calories in a balanced diet should be obtained from protein? What information would be an optional element on the Nutrition Facts panel? Chapter 02 - The Pursuit of a Healthy Diet c. Sue picks up a cereal box and reads that one serving provides 15 percent of the DV for total carbohydrate. What does this DV value tell us about the cereal?

One serving contains 15 percent of its calories from carbohydrates. One serving provides 15 percent of the total carbohydrates that are recommended to be eaten in a day. The contents of the cereal box provide 15 percent of the carbohydrates that should be eaten in a day.

One serving provides 15 percent of the starch recommendation only for the day. One serving includes 15 percent of the daily discretionary calories.

According to the Dietary Reference Intakes DRI , approximately 45 to 65 percent of the total calories in a balanced diet should come from. According to MyPlate, fat from which source should be limited in the diet? Which food is the best example of a nutrient-dense food choice? Juan is of Hispanic origin and enjoys eating native foods. In which food group would a corn tortilla belong?

Holly wants to lower her risk of heart disease and decides to follow the Mediterranean diet. What modification to this diet is recommended by major U. Eat a small amount of red meat accompanied with a glass of red wine daily. Include eggs at least three times per week. Increase the amount of whole grain breads while reducing nuts.

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