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Aug 12, - Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game by Greg Costikyan I first became exposed to Star Wars roleplaying games with Wizards of the Coast's d Originally published by West End Games in , it arrived at a time when the future of the Star Wars galaxy was uncertain, and it captivated a whole generation. West End Games held the license for Star Wars role playing game publishing for over 10 years. What would be later known as the D6 System gained its widest.

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Because of this, people hate it and avoid it like the plague. There were a lot of supplements and modules made for the system; you can see them all here. As some of the earliest Expanded Universe works that weren't in the "technically happened but so shit you shouldn't remind people they exist" bin, some of the concepts and characters introduced have become fairly widespread.

Timothy Zahn was actually given copies of this game and the supplements available at the time as reference books for use when writing the Hand of Thrawn duology. Star Wars D6 is also infamous for failing utterly at the metric system. Someone went and worked out the size of all the ship models used in the movies in feet , then someone printed these directly but changed the unit to meters without doing any math not even converting it to yards first.

This resulted in some fantastically fucked up measurements the EU would often repeat without question. Every character has six attributes: Strength punchin' and liftin' , Dexterity shootin' and dodgin' , Perception lookin' , Knowledge knowin' , Mechanical drivin', bantha ridin' , and Technical droid fixin'. These are rated by how many dice are in them; an average human character has a Strength of 3D, which means she rolls 3d6 every time she makes a Strength check.

Skills fall under attributes, and their dice are added to the attribute when making skill checks. For example, if you have a Dex of 4D and you put one point into Blasters, your Blasters skill starts at 5D. The minimum attribute rating for a human is 2D, and the max for a human is 4D.

One attribute die can be split up into bonuses applied to other attributes. You can't put all three points into one attribute. Skills are rated the same way as attributes, but the cap on a skill is 13D.

Characters get 7D to put into skills at character creation. No more than 2 points can be put into a skill at creation. You can take one point from your 7 starting skill points and use it to make 3 specializations for other skills.

In a little twist, they added the Wild Die in 2E to spice up the rolls, witch meant that one of the dice rolled was replaced with an Exploding die.

If you have a bounty hunter character with a blaster skill of 5D, you roll 5d6 every time you shoot at something. If the GM decides that you rolled high enough to hit usually is good enough , the other character rolls a Strength check and adds on any dice they get for wearing armor. If their roll's total is higher, they shrug it off; if the attacker's roll is higher, the victim gets hurt and depending on how crappy they rolled, they might die.

Halagad Ventor was a minor character for the module Domain of Evil. He's a Jedi that gets tortured into the Dark Side by Vader and escapes, hides on a swamp planet and creates a creepy swamp filled with with partially real Force illusions. The horror setting made the module popular and well remembered so Halagad Ventor is referenced everywhere.

He's even co-star of a book. One could also ignore all the previous shit on this page and just play the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars D20 , which is basically D20 Modern with blasters and Jedi. The simplicity and straightforwardness of the system inspired loads of MUDs based on this, but most are dead or small. Namespaces Page Discussion. More More. Page actions Read Edit History.

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West End Games began in New York City in as a small independent publisher of historical and fantasy board games. Daniel Scott Palter, who founded the company, played the role of president and owner from West End's inception until its purchase by Humanoids Inc. They firmly established the West End Games trademark in the marketplace. By , West End Games had started moving away from its historical and fantasy board game background with its first roleplaying game, Paranoia.

The success of Paranoia quickly led to West End's first licensed roleplaying game, Ghostbusters A year later, through a licensing agreement with Lucasfilm Ltd. With the success of this game line, West End Games established itself as a leading company in the roleplaying game industry. New corporate offices were constructed in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, and the entire company relocated to the site during Buy It. West End Games. Description Edit History. From the Publisher's website: West End Games began in New York City in as a small independent publisher of historical and fantasy board games.

As of October , West End has published more than roleplaying game and game-related products, including rulebooks, sourcebooks, adventures, board games, novels, miniatures, and comic books.

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You joined West End Games in , a year before the Star Wars RPG was released. How did you become the editor of so many Star Wars RPG books? I started as an editor at West End Games, but before my first year of employment had ended, I was also writing and designing and developing products. Nov 05,  · West End Games' Star Wars RPG. Discussion in 'Star Wars: Video/Tabletop Games' started by DarthOfInformation, Nov 5, During the 90s the WEG game was one of the main sources for "new" Star Wars, and I devoured the books. Oddly, I only ever really played it a couple of times (it was hard finding roleplaying gamers where I was) but the books. West End Games managed to turn the lives of many Star Wars fans upside down from to During those years, West End Games published an avalanche of Star Wars roleplaying game material such as sourcebooks, gamebooks, RPG adventures, miniatures, and even some cool board games.